Saturday, 8 April 2017

Christmas 2016

Last Christmas as a family of 3. 

And then there were four.

This little blog of mine has been neglected since my last poor attempt at the 52 Weeks project. Life, pregnancy and full-time teaching got in the way but, after trawling through my archives to try and remember the age at which Olive stopped screaming, I realised how grateful I am that I recorded her early days on here. You think you'll remember all the funny little details, but you don't. So, now that we have another precious babe, little Teddy, in our lives, I thought it was time to start recording things again.

Because Olive was such a tough baby (among other reasons) we waited until she was well and truly out of the baby stage before we considered number two. Well meaning friends, family and strangers told us that we'd done our fussy baby time and we'd get an "easy one" this time around. Or they'd tell us things would be different this time because we'd be "more relaxed" (as if the reason that Olive was a nightmare was somehow due to us not being relaxed enough), but I think deep down we both knew that we're destined to bounce and pat and wander the streets endlessly with cranky babies. Ted came into the world (fairly) peacefully and tricked us into thinking he was at least a bit calmer than Olive, but NOPE. I'm writing this with him attached to me in the Elki wrap (lifesaver) after an hour and a half of trying to get him to sleep. At 10 weeks there are glimpses of our sweet, adorable, blue-eyed boy, but mostly it's lots of crying.