Saturday, 24 August 2013

9 Months

I'm writing this almost a month late, and she grows and changes so quickly that it's already hard to remember what she was like at 9 months old. A few things I do remember:

* She started sleeping better after our little "holiday" at Tresillian. I couldn't let her "cry it out" even with support, so we took the softer option, patting her to sleep in her cot (rather than feeding or rocking her to sleep). At 9 months she still needed me to pat her to sleep, but was down to waking one or two times each night (a vast improvement from her usual, every 2 hours). I even got an 8 hour stretch for the first time since she was born!
* She'd started crawling - though not in the conventional way. Using one leg to scoot along, dragging the other leg underneath her.
* She'd figured out how to get around the whole house using a mixture of crawling and walking along the furniture and walls. The walls were (and still are) covered in tiny, dirty hand prints.
* She was starting to talk and communicate more. Saying Dad, Mum and bub all the time. Waving and pointing at everything.
* Her favourite things to play with were cutlery, tupperware, blocks and the cat food box.
* Her favourite food was grapes.
* She was starting to take a step or two on her own.
* She was super happy and confident and much more friendly, smiling at checkout ladies and strangers on escalators.
* She was constantly trying to chew on any button she found (as can be seen in the photos above).

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