Sunday, 29 September 2013

11 months.

11 months old and she's such a kid now. She started walking properly just after she turned 10 months and now she's running around everywhere. I keep looking at her and wondering where this toddler came from. Everyone says it, but babyhood really just goes by so fast - I suppose even more so when your baby starts walking at 10 months. I even had my first night away from her for Sarah's Hen's night last week, which made her seem so much older to me. I, of course, felt pretty anxious the whole time I was gone, but her and Daddy had a great weekend together. 

Her favourite thing to do at the moment is to collect things (blocks, bits of paper, her brush, her dummy, books) and put them in whatever container she can find - a bucket, a tupperware container, a plastic box. Then she takes them all out and starts again. She's also become super cuddly. She loves a cuddle on the couch before bed, watching Play School or In The Night Garden (thank God for iPhones to keep parents entertained). She gets sweeter and cuter and funnier every day.

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