Monday, 2 June 2014

Melbourne Trip

Olive and I took a little trip to stay with Sarah and Adrian in Melbourne last week. Travelling solo with a toddler isn't top of the list of things I'd like to do again any time soon, but we had a lot of fun and loved catching up with much loved and missed family and friends.
* Afternoon tea at Three Little Seeds, child friendly cafe in Thornbury. Olive had a great time playing in the toy corner while Sarah and I actually got to sit and enjoy our coffee (before Sarah got dragged into a game of bouncy ball). Considering that young families make up most of the population around here, it's amazing that we don't have anything like this. Such a shame!
* Waiting for her first tram ride. She was excited for about 5 seconds and then (in true toddler style) whinged all the way to the city.
* Lots of fun at Melbourne Aquarium - definitely Olive's highlight.
* Ramen date with my little Bro. Olive, amazingly, fell asleep in the pram on the walk there and slept through most of our lunch, which was a very welcomed treat for me.
* A three dollar packet of animal figures kept Olive and Uncle Adrian entertained for hours.
* Secret aunty and niece business.
* A morning spent at beautiful Bundoora children's farm. Olive was in a particularly crabby mood, but did love the guinea pigs and the baby goats.  
* Met lovely Maria for (a long overdue) breakfast at Birdie Num Nums (another child friendly cafe) in North Carlton.

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