Tuesday, 5 January 2016


"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2016."

A rainy January morning (during a rainy January week).

So, we got to the end of 2015 and although I took a million photos of Olive, I missed having the the weekly documentation of our year, so I've decided to start the 52 weeks project again this year. Last year was such a busy one, with both Lucas and I studying and with me going back to work, so I think that even if I had have started the project, I probably wouldn't have finished it. Now we're in the swing of the new routine I think I'm ready to do it all over again - being on a six week holiday is also helping me to feel refreshed, I think! 

When I finished the 2014 project Olive was newly 2 and was only just starting to talk. In a year she's gone from having about 20 words (mummy, daddy, milk, bird, shoes, no, etc.), most of which she could barely pronounce, to using words like definitely, realised, confusing and obstacle (to name a few recent memorable ones) in context. Every day she gets a little bit funnier and more creative and more clever. She loves to dance and sing, thinks poo jokes are hilarious and asks a million questions a day ("Then what did you say? And then what did he say? What are you talking about? Did me do that when I was a little baby?"). Her absolute favourite thing to do is play make believe with her baby dolls and dollhouse, and because of her only child status, Lucas and I are roped into hours of make believe a day, which sometimes feels really tiresome, but I know these will be some of my favourite memories when she gets to big for it. She's obsessive (which was fairly inevitable with parents like Lucas and myself) and still stubborn, demanding and fiery like she's always been . Some things don't change, I suppose!

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