Saturday, 11 May 2013

Being "Mum".

It's such a strange thing becoming a mum. Because you're not just "a mum", you're someone's mother. When you're a kid (and if you have a mum like mine) you believe that your mum has superhuman powers. She always knows the answer, she can fix any problem, she can always make you feel better and you instantly feel comforted by her presence - she's selfless and you always know that she puts you first. Even as you get older and see her for the woman she is, rather than just that person who's always been there - feeding you, doing your washing and driving you everywhere - you still never lose that idea of her (though when you have your own baby you do appreciate her a lot more). 

It's an amazing thing, to become that person to someone, and I hope that I always remember the responsibility I have to be the best that I can for this little person, just because I'm her mum. 

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